Is Your CPA Meeting Your Needs?

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The right Certified Public Accountant (CPA) can add immeasurable value to your business, helping you take back your time and grow your wealth. However, not all CPAs are equipped to contribute in such prominent ways. Is your CPA meeting your needs? 

In addition to the most basic accounting tasks, your CPA should take initiative to implement custom accounting solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your back office based on your organization’s unique needs. If this isn’t sounding familiar, you might need to start looking for a new CPA.

Continue reading to find out whether or not your CPA is meeting your needs and what you should look for in your next CPA.

Background in Your Industry

Find someone that has experience working with businesses in your field of work, especially if your accounting responsibilities will include industry-specific nuances. The right CPA will have previous knowledge regarding tax strategy, tax credits, deductions, etc. unique to your field that will save your organization money. Someone who is already familiar with the ins and outs of business like yours can jump immediately into their role.

Experience with A Range of Clients

A CPA might be a good fit if they have experience working with various-sized clients—small companies, large businesses, and individuals. More experience means they will have more to offer you.

You can avoid long training periods and beginner mistakes by employing a CPA that has experience preparing tax returns and other financial documents for organizations of a similar size and revenue to yours. If a CPA has experience with a variety of companies at different stages of growth, they’ll still be qualified to help your business as it grows.

Modern Methods That Offer Success

A CPA that recommends and helps you get set up with accounting technology of modern standards is a good sign. If a CPA is still selling you on QuickBooks Desktop, this should be a red flag. Your business deserves better!

For startups, it is easy to manage your finances on a platform like QuickBooks Online. Your CPA should have sufficient knowledge regarding modern, efficient accounting software to streamline your business as opposed to mobile apps or basic desktop programs. Although this is a fantastic tool for routine accounting tasks, it is not an excellent option for in-depth responsibilities that require a human touch. 

To make the most of your finances, you will want to use modern technology in conjunction with expert advice offered by your CPA.

Valuable to Your Business

The right CPA won’t be a financial burden on your business. On the contrary, they will add exceptional value. Allowing a highly trained CPA to use their specialized knowledge to monitor and maximize your finances means you can focus on the aspects of your business that you love.

Frequent reporting, in-depth analysis, and tax strategies from your CPA will help your organization increase profits and maximize savings. Proactivity is an essential characteristic—you should hear from your CPA continually throughout the year, not just in April when it’s time to file taxes.

Financial Plans for Greater Success

Financial strategy ensures there is a future for your small business. Not every new business owner understands how to maximize profits or make strategic business decisions, which is why seeking help from a licensed CPA is essential for your business’s long term success. 

If you spend time worrying about your budget forecast, tax payments, or financial reports, then you might need a new CPA. Instead of worrying about how your business is going to financially survive another year, enlist a CPA to do the heavy lifting for you. 

A CPA firm can assist you with a variety of services to guarantee your business sees profits, hits its yearly targets, and saves on taxes:

  • Customized monthly accounting solutions
  • Advising on strategic business decisions
  • Accounting technologies to streamline your business
  • Customized financial dashboard
  • Controller advisory

Thus, a CPA can help your business handle its day-to-day financial obligations in addition to maintaining long-term perspective. Using a financial expert that can take the stress out of caring for your small business’s finances.
Is your current CPA meeting your needs? It’s time to reevaluate! Contact Insogna CPA to start working with an integrated team of experts dedicated to adding value to your business.