Accounting Horror-Prevention Checklist

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To keep the ghouls and gremlins out of your books this fiscal year, here's a spook-tacular checklist:

Horror-Prevention Checklist

  1. Keep Software from Turning Zombie - Update your accounting software regularly to prevent it from going rogue.
  2. Ghoul-Proof Internal Controls - Like garlic to vampires, solid checks and balances will keep financial mischief at bay.
  3. Backup Before the Apocalypse - Always back up your financial brains... I mean, data. You never know when the financial zombies might strike.
  4. Witch-Watch Your Cash Flow - Stir your financial cauldron regularly and keep an eye out for any bubbling irregularities.
  5. Audits: The Ghostbusters of Accounting - Schedule regular audits to exorcise unwanted financial spirits.
  6. Don't Let Taxes Be Your Boogeyman - Stay updated on tax laws to avoid the IRS monster lurking under your bed.
  7. Employee Vetting: No Vampires Allowed - Ensure the only thing your employees are sucking up is knowledge, not company funds.
  8. Double, Double, Two-Factor Trouble - Protect your financial potions with two layers of magical protection.
  9. Guard Your Treasure Map - Lock away key financial scrolls and documents in a dragon-guarded (or at least password-protected) vault.
  10. Summon Financial Wizards - Consult with accounting sorcerers regularly to keep dark forces in check.

With this enchanting guide, may your books be forever free from accounting apparitions and number nightmares!

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