6 Reasons Why the IRS Isn't Responding to You

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If you are still waiting for a tax refund, or if you have tried to access the IRS directly, here are six reasons why they are not responding. 

Questions You Might Ask

1. Never got your refund? 8 million paper returns have not been processed.

2. Wonder why IRS has not processed your return? 6 million returns are in suspension status.

3. Why does it take so long? With 1.3 million 1040 amended returns unprocessed, the IRS is taking 20+ weeks to answer you.

4. Waiting on your Employer Retention Credit? 2.75 million 941 filings are awaiting processing.

5. Responded to the IRS lately? 4.5 million correspondence is awaiting processing.

6. Tried calling the IRS lately? Only 10% of phone calls are answered.

Don’t like IRS audits?

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