The IRS Targets the Big Fish - Are You on the Radar?

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Hey there, fellow taxpayers!

It’s your friendly CPA team here at Insogna CPA, and we’re diving into the latest scoop from the IRS. Buckle up, because if you're riding high in the income game or have any foreign accounts, you might want to listen closely.

The IRS's New Game Plan: Keeping the Wealthy in Check

The tax wizards at the IRS are shaking things up, focusing their magnifying glass on the high rollers – we’re talking million-dollar earners with a hefty tax tab. They’ve pinpointed about 1,600 of these affluent folks owing a mountain of unpaid taxes. Starting in 2024, specialized IRS agents will start knocking on doors. So, if you're in this exclusive club, expect a friendly visit soon.

But hey, it’s not all about those who earn over a million. The IRS is also focused on those claiming certain tax credits. For those earning under $400,000, the IRS promises a gentler touch. They're particularly watching out for those claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) – ensuring no unnecessary hassles.


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AI's the New IRS Sidekick for Big Partnership Audits

Moving onto partnerships – the IRS is upping its game here too. They're eyeing 75 mega-partnerships, each with assets over $10 billion. AI's stepping in to help, using machine learning to sniff out the oddities in these complex returns. If you're part of a big partnership, especially in private equity, hedge funds, or real estate, you might want to double-check those numbers. And while the IRS is focused on assets over $10 billion, we can only assume once they’ve built out their AI game, they will more easily be focused on smaller partnerships too. So make sure your partnership filing is kosher now.


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The Overseas Account Dilemma

Now, for those with a taste for international finance, listen up. If your foreign bank account is over $10,000, the IRS expects you to report it. They’ve caught wind of some fishy behaviors with average account balances over $1.4 million. So, if you’ve got global financial footprints, it’s time to get your papers in order. There are hefty penalties for non-reporting.


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What Does This Mean for You?

Alright, folks, here’s the deal. If you’re part of the million-dollar club, dabble in major partnerships, or have offshore accounts, the IRS might have you in their sights. Even if you’ve been audit-free before, things are changing.

But fear not!

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So, whether you’re a small business owner or a high-income earner, staying on top of your tax game is key.

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