The Power 8: Smart Year-End Tax Moves!

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Year-end is right around the corner, but there are a few smart tax-saving moves you can make, including these Power 8. 

Check Your Paycheck Withholding

Hey, check your paycheck withholding. Too much? Hello, refund! Too little? Hello, surprise bill from Uncle Sam! Aim for a break-even to make your money work harder, not the government.

Defer Your Income

Got a bonus coming? See if you can push it to next year and lower your tax bill. Self-employed and filing accrual basis? Consider delaying those invoices to your customers.

Adjust Retirement Account Contributions

Boost those pre-tax retirement contributions and save on taxes. Or look at maxing out your ROTH contributions by year-end. But remember, this money is for your golden years, so only boost if you have extra cash lying around.

RMDs for the 73+ Club

If you're 73 or older, don't forget to make your RMD withdraw from your retirement accounts by Dec 31st! Miss it, and Uncle Sam hits you with a hefty penalty. No one wants that.

Use Your Gift Tax Exclusion

Feeling generous? Use your $17,000 exclusion to give money to each person without Uncle Sam dipping into it. Stay under the radar of the IRS's gift grab.

Maximize Tax Deductions and Credits

Pay property taxes and January's mortgage early for deductions. Donating big? Itemize for tax breaks. Going electric? Enjoy those EV credits. And finish those eco-friendly home upgrades!

Consider a Roth Conversion

Switch to a Roth for tax-free growth and withdrawals. It's a savvy move but chat with a pro first. Keep those dollars away from the taxman!

Consult a Tax Professional

End-of-year tax planning? Get a tax pro on your side, like us! Make smart moves, cut your tax bill, and stride into tax season like a boss.