Small Busines Owner's Guide to S Corp Tax Tips

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Small Business Owner S Corp Tax Frequently Asked Questions

While we see a number of questions related to S Corp tax saving strategies, the number one question that we see from small business owners regarding taxes is:

"Am I paying too much taxes?"

Are you a small business owner and feel like you’re paying too much in taxes? There's a very good chance that you probably are.

We see it in small businesses like yours all the time.

Come April, the CPA preparing your taxes says your bookkeeper missed several opportunities to save you money. But it’s too late. Your taxes are due, and the IRS is calling. Maybe next year. You can avoid scenarios like this by being proactive and planning ahead. 


Other common questions that we see about S Corp Tax Saving Strategies:

  • What can I write off on my S corp taxes?
  • How do you get the most out of an S Corp?
  • Is it better to be taxed as an S Corp?
  • How do I prepare my S Corporation Tax Return?
  • What are S Corporations?
  • What are the top tax saving strategies for S-Corporations?


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Small Business Owner's Guide to S Corporation Tax Tips

Here are some small business tax tips to help you maximize your tax savings and to answer top S Corp tax questions. 


The S Corporation Election

What is an S Corporation and how do you make an S Corp election for your business?

Reducing Your Tax Bill

There are a number of different tax reduction strategies for businesses and business owners. 

Starting a New Business

Are you starting a new business? If you are an entrepreneur and you are just launching your new business venture, here are some things to consider to make sure that you are set up for success.

Setting Up a LLC

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is one form of business legal structure. Find out if it's the right one for you.

Payroll and Compensation

If you have employees, or are even considering paying yourself as a business owner, there are a number of tax implications to consider to minimize your overall taxes. 

Accounting for Small Businesses

There are a number of accounting options for small businesses. Explore whether integrated accounting teams, and/or cloud accounting are a good fit for your business needs.


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