Hold on. Can I even afford a virtual CFO?

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There’s no doubt that an experienced CFO can help you make strategic financial decisions to help grow your business. But many small- and medium-sized businesses can’t afford to bring on full-time CFO.

Our virtual CFO services solve this dilemma by providing strategic, financial accounting, and planning through a fractional CFO role. For a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire, you’ll be backed by our financial expertise to make key business growth decisions.

  • Plan for Your Future: A fractional CFO will build a financial plan of action by assessing accrual and cash accounting, revenue projections, budgeting, and business process design.
  • Predict Your Growth: Know where your business is headed. Your CFO will identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), provide inventory support, and develop a comprehensive growth strategy.
  • Measure Your Success: Your CFO will provide a detailed financial analysis that looks at cash flow management, identifies potential risk factors, and highlights opportunities to boost your bottom line.
  • Achieve Your Goals: Whether you’re continuing to build your business or are ready to cash out, a fractional CFO can assist with leadership structure, venture capital guidance, and merger/acquisition support.

Get to know a virtual CFO. Contact Insogna CPA today the take your company further.

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