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If you’re a small business owner, March 15 may feel like it’s approaching too quickly. Maybe you already have your financials ready, or need Insogna CPA to help with bookkeeping, but is either enough to ensure that your maximizing your 1120S taxes?

what is an s corp

What is an S-Corp?

Hey there, fellow business owners! Wondering what the heck is an S-Corp? It's a tax election that lets you save big on taxes. Say goodbye to unnecessary corporate taxes and hello to maximizing your income! Learn more and make the switch with our expert guidance.

Read Why Small Businesses May Want to Consider Electing S Corp Status.

should I be an s corp

Should I be an S-Corp?

Should you be an S-Corp? If you're netting over $30,000 per year, electing for S-Corp taxation could mean paying fewer taxes overall. Don't waste your hard-earned profits on unnecessary taxes. Let our tax experts assess your potential tax savings strategy. Reach out to us now!

s corp taxed

Cracking the S-Corp Code

Ready to level up your tax game? With an S-Corp, you can dodge the "double tax" trap that plagues C-Corps. Losses offset taxable income, saving you big. Plus, curious about "reasonable" salary? 

How Do I Get Started?

Insogna CPA’s tax experts can help you determine whether making the S-Corp election makes sense or not, as well as ensure and identify exactly what you should be paying yourself to avoid overpaying payroll taxes.

Don’t pay more tax than you need to—our goal is to make sure you keep as much as you deserve and maximize your tax savings.