Rental Property Tax Services

Tax Advantages for Rental Property Owners

Many of our clients have rental properties, either as a primary business or as part of an entrepreneurial business portfolio. Our deep knowledge and personal experience with real estate rental properties (our founder and CEO, Chase Insogna, personally owns several rental properties) is an assurance that our team is up-to-date on every tax-advantaged strategy available to owners.

Complex and often problematic, real estate tax laws have some unique opportunities for investors. If rental real estate is your business, consider the following:

making a profit

Securing a Profit

Rental property can provide more tax benefits than almost any other investment. Making sure you maximize your rental income tax deductions can help offset your personal income, so let our professionals help you capture everything owning a rental property allows you to take.

Whether you’re an individual rental real estate investor filing a Schedule E for one or more properties, or using a corporation or partnership to protect your assets and filing income taxes with a 1120C, the 1120S, or 1065, we’re here to help maximize your tax deductions and grow your investments.

depreciate rental property tax

Depreciate your real estate rental property tax and capitalize on other deductions.

Often, the largest deduction for rental real estate owners is not even money you’ve spent – it is depreciation. You are allowed to deduct the price of the building you purchased for either 27.5 years with a residential property or 39 years for a commercial property if income drops lower than the IRS threshold to take rental losses.

making losses work

Making Rental Property Losses Work​

Net losses from a rental property activity can be deducted in full against your personal IRS1040 income (subject to IRS limitations). If you’re not able to take deductions because you have too high of income, your losses never expire but rather are accrued until you sell the property and/or your personal IRS1040.

Income Tax Deductions Matter

Many expenses can be offset by deductions. Here is a list of deduction opportunities to explore.